Aged care Keeping seniors mobile, confident and happy

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Looking for physiotherapists who can help your ageing loved ones live happily and independently at home? You can trust us to do just that. We have in-depth knowledge of the challenges the aged care sector faces.

We have vast experience of working with ageing clients and we know what it takes to get the results they need. Early intervention is essential to reduce the effects of ageing and key to maintaining safety and freedom to remain living at home. By working together to improve mobility and function our aged care clients feel confident to live their best life at home.

I need physiotherapy treatment for ….

  • Mobility and strength

  • Balance and coordination

  • Falls prevention

  • Pain relief

  • Chronic disease management eg osteoarthritis, respiratory disease

  • Preparing for surgery

  • Rehabilitation after surgery

  • Stroke

  • Recovery from fracture eg hip, leg or wrist

  • Maintain independent living and activity


Our physiotherapists help ageing clients, living at home or in an Aged Care facility, take steps towards maintaining independence and living with freedom and confidence.

Our dedicated team of experienced mobile physiotherapists have years of practice working with ageing clients so they know what it takes to get results.

We believe that early intervention is essential to reduce the effects of ageing. Starting treatment early and maintaining mobility is key to better outcomes for our clients.

Our physiotherapists will complete a comprehensive initial assessment and develop a rehabilitation plan to help each client achieve their goals. We listen carefully to each client to understand what is most important to them. We then work together to make sure their goals can be successfully achieved. So, whether it’s cooking their own meals, walking around the garden or meeting friends, we work together to make it happen.

Seeing clients in their own homes allows us to see what challenges daily living may pose. It gives us a unique opportunity to create functional exercise programs.  This helps them to remain safe and confident to continue living at home. We tailor our exercise programs with a focus on maintaining strength, balance and mobility, and respiratory fitness.

An important part of treatment and rehabilitation is to overcome issues associated with isolation and loneliness. Putting a smile on the faces of our clients is all part of our treatment success. Your loved ones will be in safe hands with us.

How we involve the family and carers

Involving family members and carers whenever possible, helps ensure that the client gets the most from their treatment plan. Maintaining mobility and strength by practicing new exercises and techniques between sessions helps to get the most out of treatment.

Getting to know our clients and what their interests and motivations are is integral to the success of their treatments. We make meaningful connections by tapping into their love of music, outdoors, stories of the past and family.


What can you expect from us?

  • Active

    hands on treatment from physiotherapists who understand ageing.

  • Connections

    with meaning, by getting to know the interests and motivators of our clients.

  • Tailored

    exercise programs with a focus on maintaining strength, balance and mobility, and respiratory fitness

  • Involvement

    of family members and carers to gets the most from the treatment plan.

  • Ongoing updates

    to family members, carers and clients’ healthcare team

  • Nurturing

    our relationship with our clients, carers and families every step of the way to exceed their expectations

What are the treatment options for aged care?

  • Resistance training to improve muscle strength.

  • Gait and mobility training to reduce the risk of falls.

  • Coordination and dexterity training

  • Soft tissue massage to relax tight or overactive muscles

  • Postural and sitting balance control

  • Functional exercise prescription

  • Joint mobilisation to loosen stiff joints enabling normal movement

  • Cardio-vascular training to maintain your heart health and fitness

  • Muscle and motor/sensory stimulation

  • Contracture management


  1. Make Contact

    call or send an online enquiry to our friendly team

  2. Book an initial appointment

    we will get you booked in with the right physiotherapist at a convenient time to suit the client and their family and carers

  3. Initial assessment and treatment planning

    we will listen to your story, give a clear diagnosis and agree a treatment plan to meet your goals

  4. Ongoing management

    progressive treatment and reassessment focusing on key factors to achieve client’s goals and maintain independent living with confidence

  5. Regular communication

    photos, videos and telephone updates tailored to the needs of the family and clear communication channels with carers and healthcare team

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