Before & after surgery rehabilitation Home physiotherapy to get you moving better

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Looking for physiotherapy to make sure you have a successful after surgery rehabilitation at home? Or do you want to start physiotherapy before your surgery to speed up your recovery afterwards? We can help you at home to improve your strength, flexibility and movement to reduce pain before and after your surgery.

Keeping your muscles strong, joints mobile and cardiovascular fitness as high as possible will all help you with your recovery from surgery. Our home physiotherapists can develop an exercise program to help you stay as active as you can and lose weight if needed.

Physiotherapy after surgery is also an essential part of rehabilitation. Treatment helps maintain and improve your functional activities of daily living such as walking, muscle strength and joint range of motion.

I need physiotherapy treatment for ….

  • Joint replacement eg. hip, knee

  • Tendon repair eg. rotator cuff

  • Ligament repair eg. anterior cruciate

  • Neurosurgery eg. spinal, brain

  • Abdominal / pelvic surgery eg. hernia, caesarean

  • Gynecological surgery eg prolapse, hysterectomy


Physiotherapy can help you to be fitter and stronger before your surgery and get a better outcome from your surgery. Both acute and chronic conditions that need surgery can benefit from physiotherapy. Physiotherapists can develop an exercise program to help you stay as active as you can and lose weight if needed.

Physiotherapy is a crucial part of rehabilitation after surgery. The aim is to stimulate and strengthen muscles that are affected by pain and swelling. Restoring joint movement and overall flexibility helps with ongoing recovery.

We work closely with your doctors to make sure you reach the milestones of your rehabilitation protocol. These milestones will be specific for your surgery. We will guide you through the recovery and rehabilitation process. Treatment will focus on restoring your movement and mobility to get the best outcome from your surgery.


What can you expect from us?

  • Active hands on treatment

    from physiotherapists who understand the surgery

  • Communication

    regularly with your doctor to ensure expected progress with the rehabilitation protocol

  • Tailored exercise programs

    with a focus on regaining strength, mobility and function

  • Investment

    in your preparation or recovery from surgery to achieve your goals

  • Outcomes

    focused on getting you back to everyday life safely and confidently

  • New confidence

    in movement through structured rehabilitation

What are the treatment options for surgery rehabilitation?

  • Whole body biomechanical assessment to determine any movement faults due to weakness or tightness that cause pain and discomfort.

  • Soft tissue massage to relax tight or overactive muscles

  • Joint mobilisation to loosen stiff joints enabling normal movement

  • Dry needling to release tension and reduce pain

  • Functional exercise prescription

  • Postural correction and advice

  • Taping to correct and support affected areas

  • Lifestyle and activity modification advice

  • Prescription of supports and aids where required

5 Easy Steps

  1. Make Contact

    call or send an online enquiry to our friendly team

  2. Book an initial appointment

    we will get you booked in with the right physiotherapist at a convenient time to suit you and soon get your rehab on track

  3. Initial assessment and treatment planning

    we will listen to your story, agree a clear rehabilitation plan for your surgery and to meet your goals

  4. Regular check ins

    we will follow up to make sure your response to treatment is optimal and communicate with your doctor to keep your recovery on track

  5. Ongoing management

    we will give you a strength and control exercise program to maximise recovery

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