Neurological rehab & NDIS Physiotherapy to improve your recovery and ability

exercises at Home with physiotherapist for stroke, neurological rehabilitation, NDIS

Looking for a physiotherapist with proven results in stroke rehabilitation or neurological conditions? We get real improvements in our client’s abilities as we guide them on their journey to rehabilitation. This is so rewarding, not just for the client but for our physiotherapists too.

Improving mobility, muscle strength, joint and limb control and impaired balance have a positive impact on performing normal daily activities. We can help our clients to fully embrace a good quality of life.

I need physiotherapy treatment for ….

  • Stroke

  • Multiple sclerosis

  • Muscular dystrophy

  • Motor neurone disease

  • Head injury

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Parkinson’s Disease

  • Dementia

  • Spinal injury

Action for improving your ability

We are experienced in treating conditions that affect the spinal cord, brain and peripheral nerves.

Physiotherapy can help with mobility, impaired muscle strength, reduce joint and limb control and impaired balance. Improving these have a positive effect on performing normal activities and fully embrace a good quality of life.

Our treatments are tailored and regularly progressed so they are safe and effective. This helps to reduce any pain and discomfort, resulting in improved ability and participation in everyday living. Our focus is on rehabilitation, slowing the physical deterioration, maximising ability and potential, and reaching goals.

Physiotherapy can help to rewire the brain by using neuroplastic training principles. This can help to improve movement and independence in a range of everyday tasks such as improving:

  • ability to sit, stand, walk and use arms
  • strength and balance
  • cardiovascular fitness.

Stroke rehabilitation

We have a special interest in stroke rehabilitation supporting stroke survivors to continue to get significant recovery beyond the first 3 or 6 months.

Physiotherapy plays a vital role after stroke to help with the recovery of movement and sensation so that everyday activities can be performed. Our physiotherapists encourage active participation in daily exercises to get better recovery. They will develop a daily exercise program to improve sensation, strength, balance and movement. This is complemented with an active focus on motivation and expert advice.

Our physiotherapists will create a movement program that is targeted, intensive and meaningful. These movements will be transferrable to a range of situations so the brain can learn to move more normally again.

Physiotherapy at home provides a unique opportunity to see the challenges of everyday living. It also allows for functional rehabilitation using equipment in the home.

Involving carers and family in the rehabilitation treatment program is helpful. Practicing and reinforcing daily exercises helps the client get better results.

What can you expect from us?

  • Active hands on treatment

    from physiotherapists who understand the condition being treated.

  • Collaboration

    with the healthcare team to get the best outcomes.

  • Testing

    that is standardised to monitor progress and guide treatment

  • Involvement

    of carers and family to support daily exercises.

  • Ongoing treatment programs

    that are targeted, intensive, meaningful and transferrable to everyday living

  • Nurturing

    our relationship with updates to family members, carers and the healthcare team to exceed their expectations

What are the treatment options for neurological rehabilitation?

  • Soft tissue massage to relax tight or overactive muscles

  • Contracture management

  • Joint mobilisation to loosen stiff joints enabling normal movement

  • Muscle and motor/sensory stimulation

  • Postural and sitting balance control

  • Coordination and dexerity training

  • Gait and mobility training to reduce the risk of falls.

  • Functional exercise prescription

  • Resistance training to improve muscle strength.

  • Cardio-vascular training to maintain your heart health and fitness


  1. Make Contact

    call or send an online enquiry to our friendly team

  2. Book an initial appointment

    we will get you booked in with the right physiotherapist at a convenient time to suit the client and their family and carers.

  3. Initial assessment and treatment planning

    we will listen to your story, and agree a treatment plan to meet your goals

  4. Ongoing management

    progressive treatment and reassessment focusing on key factors to achieve client’s goals and maintain independent living with confidence.

  5. Regular communication

    photos, videos and telephone updates tailored to the needs of the family and clear communication channels with carers and healthcare team.

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